The College Education of Professor Frank Barrington

I have posted before about Richard Barrington, the former enslaved manservant of Senator Solomon Downs. I knew Mr. Barrington and his son Francis W. "Frank" Barrington founded one of the earliest schools for African-Americans in Monroe called Wisner Colored High School. I knew Richard sent his son north to receive his education, but until now, … Continue reading The College Education of Professor Frank Barrington

Some Tidbits About Richard Barrington

Among Dr. Williams' papers was a file with Richard Barrington's name on it. Inside were copies of some sheets of paper with info written on them. Richard W. Barrington The first document was a paragraph which relates Mr. Barrington's dates of birth and death, along with some info about how he became a slave of … Continue reading Some Tidbits About Richard Barrington

Up From Slavery: An Interview with Richard Barrington

Yesterday, I told you about Senator Solomon W. Downs.  Today I want to tell you about his slave, Mr. Richard Barrington.  The following article was found many years ago in a New Orleans paper.  It was printed just a few years before Richard's death.  Richard was the father of Wisner Colored School, the forerunner of … Continue reading Up From Slavery: An Interview with Richard Barrington

Louisiana Senator Solomon Weathersbee Downs

I wrote this article in August, 2007 for Louisiana Road Trips Magazine: Solomon Weatherbee Downs was born in Montgomery County, TN in 1801, the illegitimate son of William Weatherbee.  At a young age, Downs’ parents moved to Ouachita Parish and he was sent to Transylvania University in Lexington, KY to finish his education.  Downs studied … Continue reading Louisiana Senator Solomon Weathersbee Downs