Journal of the Rev. Timothy Flint Part V

          Judge Bry has ennobled the ordinary money-getting pursuit of a planter, by directing it by science, experiment, and taste ; and as he is one of the most thriving of his class in the country, he is an example that theory and science are not, as planters are too ready to suppose, incompatible with … Continue reading Journal of the Rev. Timothy Flint Part V

Women’s Suffrage in Ouachita Parish

I found this article in the February 22, 1907 Winnfield newspaper called The Southern Sentinel.  The first part of the article quotes the Monroe News.  The News was one of the two forerunners of the modern Monroe News-Star.  Unfortunately, no copies exist for this time period.  This is a rare glimmer of Monroe’s history once … Continue reading Women’s Suffrage in Ouachita Parish

The death of Judge Isaac Henry Bry

If you live in or near Monroe, you are familiar with Layton Castle.  What you probably don't know, is that Layton Castle is much older than it appears.  At it's heart, lies Mulberry Grove Plantation, built in 1814 by Henry Bry.  Around 1910, The Layton family built the "castle" around the original plantation and it … Continue reading The death of Judge Isaac Henry Bry