A Grainy Photo of Philanthropist Mary Goss

My boss called me upstairs last week. She is still processing the Brinsmade collection. She had stumbled across a newspaper clipping stating a photo of Mary Goss had been found while going through her estate. I was astonished! A photo of the photograph was included with the article. So this is what she looked like! … Continue reading A Grainy Photo of Philanthropist Mary Goss

Mary Goss: Monroe’s Forgotten Philanthropist

I wrote this article for Road Trips Magazine back in 2016: Many people in Monroe are familiar with the name Mary Goss.  The first thing that comes to mind is the nursing home that bears that name.  Some may think of the new YWCA Battered Women’s and Children’s Shelter named for her.  Still fewer know … Continue reading Mary Goss: Monroe’s Forgotten Philanthropist