First Baptist Church Monroe

Here is another photo we have showing a group of children with their care givers in front of the doors of First Baptist Church, Monroe in 1964. You can see St. Matthew in the background, looking down Grammont Street. None of the people in the photo are identified. This second photo shows the interior … Continue reading First Baptist Church Monroe

Autobiography of Rev. Luther T. Hastings

Last month, I stumbled across this website, which transcribed the remembrances of former First Baptist Church pastor, the Rev. L.T. Hastings. He served Monroe between 1925 and 1949. His time in Monroe seems quite the saga! His beginnings in Monroe remind me of the opposition to Father Gergaud when he first came to Monroe! I … Continue reading Autobiography of Rev. Luther T. Hastings

Confederate Reunion in Monroe, 1913

Very long photo, and unfortunately, I had to make it very small to get the whole thing in!  This was taken at the state confederate reunion in Monroe, September, 1913.  You can see the whole thing up close and personal in the Ouachita Parish Public Library's Special Collections Department.  I know a couple of the … Continue reading Confederate Reunion in Monroe, 1913

Grammont Street at the Turn of the Century

I was fascinated when I first saw this old postcard.  You are looking straight up Grammont Street around 1907 or so.  The little church in the center of the photo is First Baptist Church.  It was torn down in 1911 to make way for the rotunda that sits there now.  Across Grammont from the Baptist … Continue reading Grammont Street at the Turn of the Century