The First Kindergarten in Monroe

The Times (Shreveport, LA) June 2, 1894, Page 4 THE KINDERGARTEN. A Highly Satisfactory Exhibition at Monroe.[To the Times.] MONROE, La., May 31. - Some eight months since the first Kindergarten School ever carried on in Monroe was opened by Misses Potts and Trousdale. To-day they gave an exhibition at the opera-house which demonstrated the … Continue reading The First Kindergarten in Monroe

School Integration…in 1908?

This article made me smile! Daily Enterprise-Leader (New Iberia) December 19, 1908, Page 6 Whites in Negro School. Monroe, Dec. 19. - Two Italian children are attending a private negro school with a negro teacher, who says they presented themselves and that she sees no harm in it. I found another article (New Orleans Times-Picayune, … Continue reading School Integration…in 1908?

William Care Garnett – First Principal of Monroe City High School?

I would say William C. Garnett would count as Monroe High School's first principal. In the mid 1890's Garnett appeared in Monroe and began work as the Assistant Principal at the "Central High School" which was the combined Parish and City school. When the school split between the parish and city, Garnett was appointed Principal … Continue reading William Care Garnett – First Principal of Monroe City High School?