Known Ouachita Parish Newspapers

I decided to make a list of all known newspapers that were published in Ouachita Parish.  It is by NO means a comprehensive list.  Some have no surviving issues, some only have one, and some have over a century of surviving issues!  I tried to put them in rough chronological order from the first in 1823 (the Louisianian) to the most recent.  Some changed owners/publishers and changed names or varied their names through the years so that was noted too.  Enjoy!

Louisianian (1822 – 1824)

Washita Gazette (1825 – ?)

The New Moon (1832 – ?)

The Weekly Messenger and Ouachitta General Advertiser (1836 – )

Ouachita Standard 1839 – ?)

Ouachita Banner (1839 – ?)

The Monroe Olive Branch (1840 – ?)

Courier (1842 – ?)

Old Chief (1848 – ?)

Louisiana American (1849 – ?)

Ouachita Gazette (1849 – ?)

The Ouachita Register (1851 –

The Louisiana Intelligencer/Monroe Intelligencer/Intelligencer (1861 – 1880?)

Monroe Intelligencer (1865 – ?)

Weekly Telegraph/Daily Telegraph/ Ouachita Telegraph (1865 – 1889) Combined with the Bulletin.

Louisiana Farmer (1871 – 1873)

Equal Rights (1872 – ?)

Monroe Observer (1877 – 1878)

Daily Electric Letter (1877 – 1878)

Monroe Bulletin (1880 – 1889) Combines with the Ouachita Telegraph.

West Monroe Union

Ouachita Democrat (1887 – ?

The Telegraph-Bulletin (1890 –

The Monroe Times

West Monroe Plowboy (1891 –

The Calhoun Echo (1894? –

Evening News (1892 –

The Morning Herald (1895 –

Daily Signal (1897 –

Monroe Daily Star (1897 –

The Monroe News

The Daily Independent (1911 –

The News-Star/ Weekly News-Star/News-Star World (1909 to present)

The Daily Commercial (1915 – ?)

West Monroe Herald (? – 1920)

Ouachita Valley News (1920 – ?)

The Ouachita Citizen (1925 – present)

Monroe Morning World (1929 – 1980)

Monroe Morning Post

The Southern Broadcast

Monroe Times State News

Monroe News Leader

Rapping Black

Monroe Free Press/Black Free Press (1973 – present)

Monroe Dispatch (1975 – present)

Your Community News

North Ouachita Weekly News

3 thoughts on “Known Ouachita Parish Newspapers

  1. The publisher of the first paper in English and French of the Louisianan was actually published from 1815 – 1819 then again from 1822 – 1824 by one William Alexander Dromgoole. The first publication was done in French and was called L’ami Des Lois & Journal Du Soir (Orléans [i.e. New Orleans, La.]) 1815 to 1819. Some copies are at the Library of Congress see the link provided. I also have a clipping where a distant relative wrote the paper in 1933 explaining some of this, but she got the Grand father mixed up with the Great Grandfather.
    I am William Alexander Dromgoole’s 3rd Gr Granddaughter.

    I would like any information you may have on the Dromgoole’s in your area, I know he brought his mother/step mother down from Winchester Va. in 1820 and she died in West Felicia LA. and he had a Commodities house there I think called the Columbian as well as an INN. He got into some legal trouble and left LA. and moved to Mississippi.

    I often wondered if there was nay more information on the family there locally, William A Dromgoole came from Kentucky prior to going to LA, but was originally from Winchester Va. and NC, probably. He had at least three children there. I wondered if he met and married his wife there or in Kentucky. She seems a tad bit young to be the mother of first Son George Calvin? Dromgoole, And no we are not the George Coke Dromgoole family from Brunswick Va., totally separate family or at least back another 60 to 80 years before William Aleander Dromgoole and his father Alexander Dromgoole/Drumgold

    Thank you,


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